Flex Belt

Living in a fast-paced society makes it a challenge for people to manage their time properly. Navigating through the traffic on your way from home to the office and vice takes time and patience when you are working in the urban area. Working the 9 to 5 routine tackling work papers, attending meetings, and handling phone calls drain your energy and leave you stressed at the end of the day. As a result, you just want to hurry home to rest your tired mind and body and exercise will be the least of your priority. If you’re a working mother, the stress of responsibilities would be double because you will have to do some house chores first and some parental issues before you can take a rest.

The everyday struggles that you face greatly affect your health. You’re stressed and you’re emotionally eating because you want to boost your mood after the bad things that happened at work or during your commute. In consequence, you will gain weight because you take more food than you actually burn with your limited physical activities. If you take time to research on the internet, you will find many ways of squeezing exercise into your daily routine no matter how busy you are.

Taking the stairs to your office instead of the elevator is one cardio activity that can help you burn more calories as well as tone your muscles from the hips down to your feet. Carrying heavy bags of groceries can strengthen your arms and prevent sagging of the skin. These are just some of the exercises that you can incorporate into your daily activities that will not disrupt your schedule. But what about your abdominal muscles?

This area needs more work than the rest of your body because it takes much time and effort. It would be odd to do ab crunches on the floor while talking to a client right? It is not good either to do them while preparing dinner because you will end up with burnt or awful food. Not only that, it will disrupt your activities too. So what would be the smartest thing to do so as to enjoy the benefits of an abdominal workout without putting too much time or effort?

What is the Flex Belt?

The Flex Belt is an FDA-cleared abdominal toning belt that firms, tones, and strengthens the muscles of the abdomen. This is the first of its kind to be given a green light by the FDA. The Flex Belt gives you the chance to exercise your abs while doing any activities at home, at work, or on the road. It is the perfect workout aid for those people who are too busy to train their stomach in the gym.

How Does the Flex Belt Works?

This revolutionary product stimulates specific nerves that make the muscles contract and relax. It only takes 30 minutes daily to train your abs with the Flex Belt to see the amazing results. You simply wear the belt around your abdomen and start the toning session using the patented medical-grade technology of the Flex Belt. The belt stretches out to the nerves during the toning session and the latter then spread out to the stomach muscles making them contract and relax at the same time.

It uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), a technology widely used in the rehabilitation of patients that are having problems with mobility, to tone, firm, and strengthen stomach muscles. The three specially-designed gel pads stick to the skin when the belt is worn and produce electrical currents to the nerves in the stomach to make them contract and relax. The stimulation activity simulates the contraction and relaxation of the ab muscles during sit-ups or crunches.

The pulses produced by the Flex Belt not only work the muscles underneath the pads but the surrounding muscles as well. Your stomach muscles get trained without you doing anything on them.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Flex Belt?

The Flex Belt will give you well-toned stomach muscles without doing extra work. It also gives the following benefits:

  • It allows you to do anything while wearing the Flex Belt.
  • It only takes 30 minutes a day to train your stomach muscles.
  • It is convenient to use every day.
  • It is safe to use by anyone who wants tone their abs at whatever age.

Is the Flex Belt Safe to Use?

If you fear that the Flex Belt will malfunction and electrocute you in the process then stop worrying. Getting a clearance from the FDA is assurance enough that it is safe to use. Not only that, the Flex Belt bears the CE symbol and compliant to the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) requirements.

Does Flex Belt Work?

The answer is yes. Based on the result of the clinical study performed by the Exercise and Sports Medicine professor, Dr. John Porcari in 2008, at the University of Wisconsin, wherein the participants were required to use the Flex Belt for the period of 6 weeks, 100% of them said that their abs were firmer and more toned. 92.3% on the other hand, experienced an increase in their overall abdominal muscles. The Flex Belt manufacturer offers a full 60-day money back guarantee because they are confident in the quality and performance of the product.

How Long Before Results are Produced?

You have to use the Flex Belt for at least 30 minutes daily for 4 to 8 weeks to see results. After 8 weeks, you only have to use it for 2 to 3 times a week to keep any result.

Who Can Use the Flex Belt?

The Flex Belt is not recommended for people with heart problems, fitted with a pacemaker, injecting insulin due to diabetes, with cancer, or pregnant women. Those women who gave birth must wait for 6 weeks (normal delivery) or 3 months (Caesarean delivery) before using the Flex Belt. If you have other conditions it is advised to consult a physician prior to the Flex Belt usage.

Should You Buy FlexBelt?

A busy life is not enough reason to let your health deteriorate with the lack of exercise. Eating healthy is not enough if you want to look better and fitter. A toned physique can boost your confidence and improve your mood without the help of drugs. Owning the Flex Belt will help you achieve sculpted abs without disrupting your daily routine. You will be able to achieve a stronger, firmer, and well-toned body overall by tweaking your usual activities and wearing the Flex Belt for just 30 minutes a day. With Flex Belt, you can work and exercise at the same time!